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Having trouble stretching a nested french door

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    Having trouble stretching a nested french door

    Good afternoon,

    I'm having some trouble with the parameters in a nested family. My first door could change width or height no problem with out skewing the panels unevenly.

    When I bring two doors in a family with an opening and change the width, my panels are uneven.No problems at all when I change the height though. This is a from 6' width to a 7'.

    I've tried a lot of different parameters trying to get this to work as well after the initials ones didn't work.

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    Your family doesn't look very well constrained geometrically; it looks like that's driving your weirdness and not the parameter values. The left panel is overlapping part of the right panel because you've changed CL planes about halfway down the panels. There's also nothing centering that ref plane between the opening width - each panel has a set of EQ, but no overall EQ of the opening. There's also no constraints specifying the width of the stile between the 2 lower panels. I think you'd have more success if you made more use of reference planes to control your geometry - look at the "bones-muscles-skin" analogy here:
    Revit OpEd: The Family Editor: Bones, Muscle & Skin

    There's a set of doors posted here that you can analyze and get some tricks from:
    Chris Ellersick


      The door panel parameters need to be instance based. When loaded, use the button on the properties panel to link them to the family parameter.
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        They only need to be instance based if they're shared families. I find you get much more consistent results by locking the doors to a centerline or other reference plane and tying the dimension parameters directly to parameters of the parent family. You would need to make a panel width parameter that's door width/2 to control the doors. trying to lock shape handles to other geometry can cause issues.


          Originally posted by DavidLarson View Post
          The door panel parameters need to be instance based. When loaded, use the button on the properties panel to link them to the family parameter.
          So when I go to Family Types, I change the panel width from 'type' to 'instance', correct? I don't see anything in the properties panel that links the family together. Also, when I added those two reference planes in the middle of each door, is there something else I need to change in the properties tab?


            Best one so far:

            Not quite there yet.

            Revit file if anybody is interested.
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              With respect, it would be a REALLY good idea for you to re read all of the suggestions in this thread, and then completely rebuild that Door Panel.

              Pro Tip: if you are putting a dimension or constraint on a piece of GEOMETRY itself, you have made a mistake, and youll be troubleshooting it later. And at some point, youll want to work it out so that the Panel Styles are independent of whats happening with the other Panel.

              My rule is:

              Internal Panel Style Dimensions (stiles, Rails, etc) = Type = in the Nested Shared Panel. These (imvho) shouldnt EVER be controlled by the parent family. The system doesnt scale very well that way.

              Controlled by Parent Family Dimensions (Panel Width, Height, Thickness) - Instance = controlled by Parent.
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