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graphic display and correct modelling techniques

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    graphic display and correct modelling techniques

    Hi Everyone!

    I work in a multi disciplinary firm and this question has been bothering me alot over the years but has now become a pressing issue.

    Basically between the Architecture & Structure disciplines

    Architecture relies on the structures to 'complete' or 'close' the model. This brings ups a few questions:
    1. how is the graphics between architecture and structure cleaned up to give a presentable drawing?
      1. please see the two attached sample models. typically the graphics becomes a problem in plan where walls and columns intersect. does the architect team split their walls at columns, check everything when the latest structural model is received:banghead:?
      2. at sections between Structure's beams, slabs and architecture walls. does the architecture team create cut-outs in the walls to accommodate the beams and slabs?
      3. what about the joining of geometry in the structural model between beams and slabs? our structural team hates doing this and I absolutely agree with them. But I agree with the architects as-well.
      4. also, facade walls that are from Base to to roof of building, one wall. How are the intersection with structure treat in sectional views?

    2. does architecture model their own structures and only refer to the the structural model for reference and coordination? Using a set of views where structures models are over-ridden to expose differences?
    3. how does everyone here deal with the structures department not updating models quick enough for submission dates? Leaving architecture team to find ways of short-cutting drawings to look complete. e.g. filled regions:crazy::crazy: Our office generally show all concrete in a solid grey hatch, no lines between beams and slabs if the material is the same.

    There is also the question of SSL and FFL levels.

    Architecture should model everything from FFL, well at least rooms should be placed on FFL associated plans. What then happens with concrete block work walls which technically start at SSL for base constraints?

    This leads to another question, Doors. These need to be placed on FFL levels. but if the architects are not modelling in the finished floor slab then there will be two threshold lines. I have gotten around this by extending the opening cut in the door families and making the reference plane on the REF Level line Defines origin. Bearing in mind that if the view range does not need to extend past the associated level then this isnt a problem, but there are alot of cases where it does and this is a problem. The users also cant go around joining the geometry between FFL slabs and walls.:banghead:

    I have made example views in the arch model attached. Level 1 Plan and Section 1 are good example views

    I guess most of this comes down to best practice, industry standards and I'd like to know what everyone's opinions and workflows are. Its costing alot of time for my users and frustration.

    Thanks for everyone's assistance in advance.:beer::beer:

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