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Revit and Navisworks

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    Revit and Navisworks

    Using Navisworks manage and trying to exclude some clashes from the results.
    Anyone familiar with this software?

    I am getting clash results for walls set as existing to be demolished in new construction phase clashing with slabs created in new construction phase.
    I can easily include the phases in tests but I cant seem to EXCLUDE them out as I dont want these to show up as clashes. Can't for the life of me get it to behave as I want.

    So I figured it out with some help
    I had to create a search field with an exclusion rule on elements demolished during new construction phase. (in this case walls)
    I could then use that filtered selection result to run the test using only the NON DEMOLISHED walls against other elements.
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    I think it's easier to filter out the elements before the test than to filter the results.
    1. Select the unwanted items.
    2. Save selection.
    3. Hide selection.
    4. Create a test.
    5. Select the desired phases.
    6. Run the test.
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      yes that is what I did.

      Used the filter above to create a selection before the test, ran the test using the newly filtered results against other elements


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