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    Parking Requirement Calcs

    Wanted to share a solution I created that requires minimal input to a Code that has so many variables. Maybe this could be a solution to other processes? So in Houston there's an amendment for calculating the amount out Parking Stalls you need on Site/Per Lot based on Classifications of 9, which can contain from 1 up to 8 variables. Also there's a matrix based on 4 periods of time for weekdays & weekends. Below (a sample project I'm testing with) is how it looks as I've used the same calcs from an old post here Spatial Ideas to insert in the formula to get the total Parking Requirement per building on site.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Parking Req Calc-1.PNG
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    So the keys are based on Percentages, so I converted them into numbers to use in a formula (Required Parking x (Pct of Period)).

    If anyone wants/needs more info on the solution. Then I'll be happy to add more comments.
    Here is the formula I used for the "Required Parking" calc:
    if(PKG Amt Count > 1, roundup((PKG Amt Count / PKG Unit Count) * PKG Stall Count), if(PKG Amt Count = 1, roundup(OL GT / PKG Unit Count) * PKG Stall Count, (roundup((Area / 1 SF) / Pct Area)) / PKG Unit Count) * PKG Stall Count)
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    I would be happy if you could add more info for this, I'm new to Revit or trying to learn Revit but this would be very useful to learn. Thanks!


      Follow the link that I provided as reference in the 1st post "Spatial Ideas" that it is built off of. This is mostly for Houston's Amendment Codes, but could be morphed to suit your needs.


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