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    Coordination Review


    I am doing coordination review and looks like some electrical fixtures were deleted.I have two questions:

    1.Why do these get deleted?Does this have something to do with some elements placed on face?
    2.And secondly i went to coordination review and looked at the items i only have id number which is deleted. When i clicked Show for that item it says no good view found.I know another way is to search by id but that also doesnt help me cause it takes me to some weird view and i cant easily look for the item that was deleted.Is there a better and simpler way to identify what element was deleted before accepting the change in the coordination review?


    Coordination Review.. another thing that is really powerful and could be SOOO much better if Adesk cared about user interface and refining existing features before just inventing hundreds of new features...

    I suggest select by ID and then do BX (Auto section box. Or use the COINS auto section box add-in) to make a 3D view.
    Or if you have something selected you can also use the glasses at the bottom to temporarily isolate that object in the view.
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