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Space Air Flow Not Consistently Showing in Schedule

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    Space Air Flow Not Consistently Showing in Schedule

    I have a building with several hundred spaces modeled. I'm trying to set up a schedule that tabulates the number, name, area, number of people, and actual supply airflow to each space.

    Some of the spaces have the correct value for airflow listed on the schedule, others have a value of 0. When I check the space properties, the "Actual Supply Airflow" parameter has the correct value, even though it's 0 on the schedule.

    I'm not sure why a scheduled parameter would "zero out". Anyone else had this phenomenon?

    ETA: I just checked one of the spaces that displayed correctly on the schedule, and the "Actual Supply Airflow" parameter is 0 in the properties. Hmmm.........
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    I found the problem. I originally placed the spaces in an architectural view. Then, because I couldn't find them in a mechanical view, I copied them into a mechanical view. The schedule didn't know which space to show, since there were two spaces with the same space name/number in the same location.

    Also, the spaces created in the architectural view only show in the architectural view, and similarly, the spaces created in the mechanical view only show in the mechanical view. I was able to delete the spaces created in the architectural view and get things to work properly. I had to delete my space schedule and create a new one in order to get it to pick up the spaces that were left in the model.

    Geez, what a rabbit hole.

    Now, I just have to find a way to get spaces created in an architectural view to be visible in a mechanical view.


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