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    Categories in linked model

    Revit 2018

    OK, so the Architect has a pretty elaborate model which is linked into my Structural model. His model is nearing 400 mb, while mine is about 75mb.

    So he has many different detail items and custom families and my question is how can I tell what category in the visibility graphics a specific item of his on the linked plan belongs to?

    For instance, he has these vending machines that I don't want to show up. I know I can tab click them and hide in view. But why doesn't it show me in the properties of the vending machine what category it is in the VG? Because there is nothing in the VG that says "vending machine, and certainly no category for these.

    I guess I'm still on AutoCAD logic, where you had a layer called "A-VEND" or something. You shut it off and that was it. This is more of a scavenger hunt situation.

    Also, he has these other families that have many different parts to them, some of which I want to show up and some I don't. But if I tab click and hide in view, it hides the whole thing, which does not work.

    I called him up and asked what category these were and he had to search himself and then got back to me.

    Is this something where I should tell him to start categorizing things better with accurate names? Is anything like that possible?
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    Well, not everything you wrote above makes sense, unfortunately. Their Vending machines DO have a category. Everything in Revit has a category. And it IS showing, when you tab select the Vending machine. Post a full screen shot, while you have it tab selected.
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      Here is the full screen.
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        Generic Model, is the Category you would have to hide, to turn off that item.

        What you are running in to, is that Architect used a Generic Model for the ENTIRE theater, which is.... Gross. So when you hide it, essentially the entire Theater is going to vanish. Thats a terrible terrible setup. I have done many movie theaters, and there is no reason to model like that. Yuck.
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          Actually, i might have spoke too soon: You dont have the entire theater selected, in that view, it seems. So they have a very large family that is a Generic Model, that makes up SOME of the auditorium (which i still think is gross and would never work that way, yuck), but its not everything in the room.

          And you are pointing at (what appears to be?) a Symbol or Annotation. I am not sure if thats part of their Generic Model Family, or part of the Linked View you are showing.

          But neither of these look like a Vending Machine?
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            I used the vending machine as an example.

            So I have all annotation shut off in the VG, but the theater box text still shows up.

            Also, under generic models in VG, there is NO theater box. Anywhere.


              You dont get the option to JUST shut off Theater Boxes, in VG: Categories. Thats not how Revit works, never has been. "Theater Box" is Just a Family Name.

              True or False: If you shut off the Overall Generic Models checkbox, both the annotation and the "Theater Box" go away?

              If its true, that means the "annotation" you are seeing is part of the Generic Model Family.
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                It is True.

                But what part am I missing? I want to be able to totally control the visibility of each and every element in the linked model quickly and easily.


                  Sounds like it's time for the Architect to discuss setting up some Linked Views for you--with only the elements you need turned on in your "" views.
                  Or, you can try to "hunt and pick" like you are doing and create View Templates for your Struct. views once you get the VG set correctly.
                  Either way, I think the Arch. owes it to you to have a quick discussion regarding how / what to show in your views.

                  Was there a BIM Execution Plan at the start of the project? Was any of this talked about?

                  In best practice--Revit uses Filters, and sometimes Worksets to control visibility, to allude to your "layering" methods used on Cad projects.
                  View Templates are similar to "layer states" in Cad.
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                    That's what I thought. We did have a basic meeting at the start, but he's under the gun from corporate to make sure everyone adheres to his company's Revit standards, so that's really all it was about.

                    He's pretty good at communicating, and that's a big part of it.

                    My main gripe here is that it takes a bunch of clicks to bring up the VG and get to the categories, and then it's a guessing game. You click ok and go back to the plan and see if it worked, and even if it did, how do I know if something else important got shut off?

                    That's dangerous.

                    I think the VG should be docked like the properties is. It's like the elements in the plan have NOTHING to do with their name in the VG.

                    But you did answer my question.


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