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Local disk resources and speed

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    Local disk resources and speed

    If there is another thread on this topic please point me in the right direction.

    Is there an agreed best practice for managing local files created and maintained by Revit for C4R?
    Is there a benefit to redirect the collaboration cache and journal files to a second local hard disk, or to a network location? I note the method noted here

    Thanking you in advance.

    Im testing that exact method currently. Not for any measurable perceived performance ENHANCEMENT, mind you, but because (on the machines in question- Virtual Desktops on VMWare), having the entire Collaboration Cache and Pac Cache in the roaming Persona Data, causes issues:

    1. Its a ton of data (means needing way more storage space per Persona)
    2. Its a LOT of data to be MOVING, which VDI Persona's have to do.
    3. Putting it on the *network* isnt really that different, compared to the C Drive of the VDI, since we can just carve out a "non roaming persona" location on the Storage device, for that data.

    So far its working fine, but there is still more testing for me to do. What i would say, is i wouldnt want to be manually creating those Symbolic Links. But there are automated ways to handle that.
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