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Extremely slow Revit when working out of office

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    Extremely slow Revit when working out of office

    Whenever I have had to work away from the office I've had to borrow a license to use Revit. However, doing this always causes Revit to be very slow for me. Opening the materials browser? It'll take a minute. Switching to 3D view? Easily a 2 minute wait. Trying to open a large project? I can't tell if it's loading or frozen. I've googled this and have not really found anyone who has posted a similar issue. This happens on small and large files, even on ones saved directly to my desktop.

    Switching from realistic view to any other view does help...Graphics issue? Working on a Lenovo, i7 with 16G RAM.

    It may be related but I do access our network server to get to other files I need and this requires me to sign into a VPN. Am I correct in thinking that if i sign into the VPN to connect to our network that I do not need to borrow a license? Does signing into a VPN while working in a borrowed license Revit cause performance issues? Or is this a really simple problem that I am missing the solution to? I don't know if there's any other additional information that might help but any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Welcome to the forum Fvang.
    My advice would be that if you’re using a VPN, then ask your IT Dept to set up permissions to Remote into your work desktop. That’ll be a lot faster for working and you will only be using your laptop as video screen and all your working be done on your work computer. No data will be moving between you and your work computer except for the video feed.
    Kamran Mirza
    Chartered Architect RIBA, ARB, PCATP


      If your install points to any network services when off network there will always be scramble-in-the-dark lag.

      But I would echo Kamran's advice - especially if you ever plan to access an on-server workshared model via your VPN, unless you've some super-super-fast-and-solid connections.
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