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    As Built on Design Build Project

    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a bit of a tricky situation...

    I'm on a design build where the architectural model is changing several times a week.

    I need to provide as builts for sleeving however, by the time the as built info came in, the architectural had already changed.

    Everyone wants the as built showing the architectural at the time we laid out the deck.

    Availability of those architectural models are spotty at best because we don't keep all versions of their model.

    All I have is the sleeving PDF without the final as built info on's the IFC drawing.

    Now, we trimble all our points so the vast majority of sleeves are spot on, however, to be absolutely sure, I'd like to move the one or two sleeves in my mechanical revit model to suit as built conditions and print...

    HOWEVER, as I said, that would print to pdf the as built sleeves with CURRENT room layouts.

    Is there a way around this outside of Revit...such as converting the IFC pdf to AutoCAD and issuing the as builts from CAD?

    Crossing my fingers...please help!

    Thanks guys...

    Autocad - > import command - > makes pdf to vector

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    Thomas N Fuller II



      An IFC-pdf? What's that??


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