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    Revit Architecture Window & Door Families


    I am a student and learning Revit on my own as it is not part of my course.

    I would appreciate any links to sites that provide a wide range of families. I am currently busy with a project for an Architect to show him the benefits of using Revit Architecture (my ticket into the firm), but unfortunately I am struggling as I don't have a wide variety of Families. I have looked on Autoseek with no luck.

    I have seen the website, but unfortunately I can not afford to buy their families.

    Any help and resources for Revit will be much appreciated.

    Autodesk Seek website--a fair amount of Revit content here
    Anderson Windows/Doors website has Revit families for download.
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      What are you looking for exactly? Seek has a lot of door and window families. I'm surprised you haven't found anything there.

      Revitcity has a bunch, but beware. Most of them aren't made too well.

      If I were you, I'd start learning how to create my own families ASAP. That will definately give you a leg up on others who don't know how to build them. It's a pain to learn, and I'm still struggling with families, but it's well worth the time and effort.



        Thanx for the quick replies.

        Yes, autoseek has a wide variety, but most are different styles ect. The architect is using Autocad to draw currently. I can upload the drawing if that would help.

        I also need to insert windows into a curved wall???

        Any advise on where to find the best training material on creating families. I am a quick learner so that would help me a lot.
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          Inserting windows into a curved wall: You need the windows to be curved also, or just planar windows in a curved wall?

          Training material on creating families: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Download families, dissect them, recreate them. Ask here. I'm happy to answer questions about family creation as I'm sure others here are as well. I'm glad you asked this because I was going to say that learning to create your own families is the most cost effective way of getting families that you want/need for your project.
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            If you go to the Autodesk University website and search previous presentations on Revit families, you can find some really great PDFs on family creation (and much more) there, as well. I believe most of my knowledge on building parametric families came from reading PDF handouts from Autodesk University presentations.


              +1 for learning on how to do this yourself. You'll get a long way on YouTube, and other sites (googling would find them). And if you do get stuck, feel free to post it here.

              About inserting windows in curved walls: normal windows should be able to do that.
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                Thank you for all the suggestions. It is much appreciated. One last question: Is it possible to create a stacked wall consisting of brick at the top, curtain wall in the centre and brick again at the bottom? This will help with the window in the curved wall.




                  Sure! Just make a normal wall, then insert a curtain wall. Make sure that it's automatically embedded (a checkmark via 'edit type' in the properties window), and fiddle with the top and base constraints and offset.
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                    Originally posted by ikinks View Post
                    Sure! Just make a normal wall, then insert a curtain wall. Make sure that it's automatically embedded (a checkmark via 'edit type' in the properties window), and fiddle with the top and base constraints and offset.

                    I was breaking my head trying to figure out how to do that. Guess is still have a lot to learn.


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