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revit annotation family parameter

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    revit annotation family parameter


    I'm trying to make a annotation for a structural foundation, I've drawn a couple of filled regions which turn on/off depending on a number see picture, that all works like it should.

    but it should read the model Number (or something else doesn't really matter what) from the host on which I connect the annotation.
    with a label I can select <model> and it will display the model number like it should, but i can't seem to be able to select <model> in the parameter menu. (so replace my <nummer> with <model>)

    included the structural foundation family and the annotation family
    I’ve tried with shared parameters but that doesn't seem to work ether

    greet Luuk
    sorry for the bat english I’m dutch

    heipaal = foundation pile

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    Your "nummer" parameter is a number data type.
    I'm guessing "Model Number" is a string data type (ie. text).
    They need to be the same data types to be able to swap between them.
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      thanks for the response
      the “nummer” is just as random parameter in family type i chose as proof of concept and easy test before connecting them together.

      “model number” is a parameter from a label ie text.

      I want to be able to chose that parameter in the family types parameter menu, see previously attached picture.

      is there a way to get that to work or a other way?


        You are trying to switch a number type with a text type.
        You need to use parameters of the same data type if you want to switch between them.
        You cannot switch a number type for a text type or any other data type parameter in Revit.
        You get to choose what data type you want when you create the parameter.

        Having said all that, your existing formulas are likely to error if you try driving them with a text parameter. There are ways around this but that's a different topic.

        Ps welcome to the forum :beer:
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        There are no stupid questions, only stupid people



          oke so that doesn't work.

          than i’m trying to get it to work with shared parameters I’ve made one in the foundation family named nummer (as a number), and opened it in the annotation family.

          I have used it as a label and in the family type parameter (so I get text and my formula)

          but when I import the annotation family in my main project It gives me the following error:

          the following parameters of the highlighted element can no longer be associated to global parameters: nummer.

          I then clicked Unassociate

          I can then place the annotation on the pile’s, the number next to it(label) works but the symbool i try to create does not, both use the same shared parameter.

          what am I doing wrong and how do I fix it.

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