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Revit and Unreal Engine 4

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    Revit and Unreal Engine 4

    Hello all,

    quick question if anyone has tried and had success pushing renders into UE4 (unreal engine)?

    Did a quick trial on Friday and found that it looks as though materials are unsupported and need to be remapped to other textures.
    Could possibly handle this through a python script but it would be for a hundred or so textures and painful to do.

    Anyone had success with this, have an automated script they want to share, or some other work around?
    Or other comments on UE4 and Revit?

    Did you already try Enscape? materials are supported so no need to change it, RPC's look great too, just my thoughts :hide:
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      Yes, I have enscape and like it. Still having issues with decals, and images in materials with enscape however. Anyhow, the point was asked by a client if UE4 was capable and trying to see if we can find a solution around that. We did our initial model in Enscape already, there are parts of the render that the client doesnt like but again possibly a question of our expertise with enscape as I am not an architect so I struggle with some settings in there or more to the point, don't get time to test everything I can.

      Anyhow, an initial test was done with UE4 and actually the base render is quite nice without doing anything at all, the problem being that the materials havent carried over, it has however remebered colors assigned to materials for example in tints, or other color settings, but wont actually bring the image across.


        Carrying the materials across is the real trick when working with these gaming engines. You need a good obj exporter. Have a look here -


          I like the bookshelf image on the home page -

          have a look at the titles and authors
          William Sutherland rias riba
          WS Architecture Ltd


            Another possible option? (FYI, I haven't tried this option myself)


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