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Texturing DWG Models

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    Texturing DWG Models

    Hi all,

    I have downloaded a DWG Model from a manufacturer of a chair I want to include in my project.
    The DWG is built correctly - Each layer represent a material, and when I import it and adjust the materials via the Manage>Object Styles button inside the family editor everything is fine.

    However, when I import the family in the main project, there are no materials. Even if I directly import the DWG, the changes I make to the material assignments in the Object Styles have no effect and the chair remains grey.

    I know native format is a far better solution, but the chair is complex and I won't be able to recreate it myself well enough in Revit.
    Please let me know if you have a tip that can help me!
    Thanks in advance

    You edit materials from the imports section of visibility graphics.

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    Greg McDowell Jr


      Have you tried importing the DWG model into a new default project? Perhaps your current project has elements that are incompatible with the DWG model.

      If it does work in a default project, you might be able to simply copy and paste it into your actual project.

      Good luck!
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