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section view in a skyscraper

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    section view in a skyscraper

    i'm working on a 14m building and i would like to know how i can setup the height of the section view
    i thought that i can manage the height with a scope box but not, selecting a scope box in a view modify the section to the global size of the scope bot whereas i would like that only the height of the view is modified to the height of the scope box
    example, if you work on a skyscraper and make a section view you have all the building whereas you are working on the xx floor... the generation ofa such section permit you to drink a coffee during its creating but when you create views for working you need to do this very often and it takes a long long time... and you need then to modify the height of the section in order to have only the floor you want...
    well, have you any issue for this problem?
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    Pretty sure the initial height of a section is driven by the view extents of the floor plan you draw it in. If you draw your section in a plan which is using a scope box set to the full height of the tower, that's what you' ll get by default in your new section. At least I think that'how it works.
    Try drawing a section in a plan that does not have a scope box applied. You could also cut the section then apply a (previously created) scope box which is set to a specific level.
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