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Dynamo for 2019 does not support 2016

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    Dynamo for 2019 does not support 2016

    Tried to come up with a better title, but I couldn't abbreviate enough.
    Anyway; Be aware that when you install Revit 2019, it installs a new version of Dynamo (1.3.3) that does NOT support Revit 2016.
    Dynamo 1.3.3 in Revit 2019.0 | Dynamo BIM
    So if you still need to run Dynamo graphs in 2016 (like my "fix the text" graph), you'll have to pick 2016 or 2019, but not both.
    1.3.2 is the last Dynamo version that will run in Revit 2016

    Unless John Pierson figures out something for us.
    Dave Plumb
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    IIRC the same thing happened with 2018 / 2015? Could this be autodesk enforcing the 'we only support the previous 2 releases' mantra? Although i think there were workarounds through reinstalling sequence. I had a 2015 project that was hamstrung by it.
    Kinda blows either way.
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      Whenever John and I talk about graphs, this comes up. Mainly because I do my template work in 2016 and then make updated copies.

      But, when John and I talk about it, it's usually in the context of: there are a ton of limitations on the 2016 API that don't exist in the later versions, so a lot of things that work in 17/18/19 just don't work in 16.

      I'm not saying that's why Autodesk isn't making new Dynamo support 16, but I can safely say that the majority of useful graphs we've made recently, won't work in 16 anyway.

      Having said that... I PERSONALLY think you can install them side by side. I am pretty sure they will run. But I'm not sure they won't have underlying issues, while running. (python or depenancy issues...)

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