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    Correlating Revit Views

    I have been assigned the undesirable task of cleaning up someone else's Revit project.

    Long story short, I had to redo the project base point so the bottom of the floor is at 0' instead of -10". I went to add a floor plan view to mark the top of the floor finish. As seen in the screen shot below, the correlated view options don't relate to the views in Project Browser.

    What is the best way to add a plan reference line that doesn't get used. The view ultimately doesn't end up in any plan, but simply is used as the top height of the floor. Does this make sense?

    Sorry in advance for confusion, adjusting this model has me :banghead:

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    The available "plan names" are the names of the level datums in the project. So you are making a plan based off a level datum. The name of the view can be changed after the fact to a different name that does not necessarily match the name of the level datum.

    For example Level 1 datum might have a Furniture layout plan, a interior partition plan, etc.... There might be a number of views in a project that are created from the same Level datum.

    To add a level datum WITHOUT a plan view associated, you can use the level too and un-check "make plan view". This will give you a datum without a view.
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