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Irregular curtain wall and different width of mullions

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    Irregular curtain wall and different width of mullions

    I'm working on curtain walls and I would like to make irregular division. My problem is that when I do that, mullions attached to it have different width and it looks crooked. I know that is because some parts are connected with wall and another don't.
    Is there any way to make it straight?
    I tried to move a little bit division of the wall but then panels had different width.

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    Its possible, yes. But you need to have the mullions with glazing on both sides, on a DIFFERENT grid line, than the mullions that are perimeter mullions. (You ened to have two grid lines very close to each other).

    This makes sense (to me) since perimeter mullions also have a Joint Width (Shim Space) associated with them, so those mullions are actually wider, in my model.
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      Ok I will try do that, thank you


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