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Objects Changing it's Phase Randomly

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    Objects Changing it's Phase Randomly

    Hi Guys!

    I'm Working in a Project on Revit 2017.2, I've noticed that some materials change it's appearance randomly, but I can face that since is not a big deal :blah:, my issue is that other random problems are appearing,

    1. When placing some objects into my workspace those objects are changing it's Phase randomly between Existing and Project (Not for the demolition phase), some times the walls change its phase, other times the furniture, and so on!
    2. Some materials are Changing to a Transparent material even if there are other Physical properties applied to it
    3. My material library is available or not randomly and if I shut down my pc and I re start it most part of time it doesn't work
    4. Some objects that where erased from my own template are re appearing randomly, I've already checked my template and those objects i.e: Lines are not in it
    5. and finally the most delicious of all is the Quick access tool-bar appearing and disappearing randomly if I change between screens (I have 3)
    So some of you have already experienced some similar issues? and if yes What is going bad?
    Best Regards
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