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Shared Parameter and formulas in title blocks

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    Shared Parameter and formulas in title blocks

    I want a Yes/No parameter called Use Sheet Date, which will then drive two more parameters; sheet date visible and project date visible. The key is I want to be able to schedule Use Sheet Date so that the a schedule can be used as a project management tool, so Use Sheet Date must be a Shared Parameter. Of course you can't just add an SP, you have to tie it to a label, but not to worry I can make the label invisible. However, the formulas seem to break. I can't seem to set sheet date visible = Use Sheet Date. I get a not valid parameter error. :banghead:
    Another tree that isn't worth barking up I suspect? Alf, any nifty tricks? Seemed like such a good idea when I had it.

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    Originally posted by Gordon Price View Post
    ...Seemed like such a good idea when I had it.
    Good idea, but I am afraid that it is not possible yet.

    One problem is that title blocks and sheets are 2 different things that, unfortunately, are not related. Another problem is that we cannot schedule family parameters, and another problem is that we cannot control the visibility of labels in a titleblock family with a shared parameter. So we are in a labyrinth with dead ends either way we go.

    That being said, at least we can have a partial solution to the problem in 2 different ways:

    1) We can at least control the visibility of labels on the titleblock such as Project Issue Date and Sheet Issue Date by a yes/no family parameter.
    2) We can create a schedule of sheets, as a check list, where we can apply a yes or no to each sheet, depending on the date being used.
    But... the two partial solutions will not be connected. The labels will not upgrade the schedule, and the schedule will not upgrade the labels.

    If it helps, the two partial solutions are shown in these images:
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