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Pattern Based Rectangular Curtain Panel - Split into Triangles based on Distortion

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    Pattern Based Rectangular Curtain Panel - Split into Triangles based on Distortion

    Still new to this forum and to the pattern based panel design but thought this is worth sharing. Apologies if this has already been described in other post etc...
    I am currently working on a project with paneling that changes angles and as a result has twisted surfaces in certain transition zones. I want the majority of panels to show without a (diagonal) fold/joint as long as they are reasonably flat. Once the panels become too twisted, I need them to change to triangles. I still want ONE divided surface as a base to enable quick changes in panel sizing etc.
    1st problem: The ONE surface can only have one pattern - rectangular or triangular. As my panels have basically 4 corners, I have chosen the rectangular pattern.
    2nd problem: How do I break the twisted ones into triangles? Here I had to look at Alfredo Medina's posts and Zach Kron's excellent exercises on flat panelling (buildz: Planar Panels & the 3 Point Invisible Workplane Hack©). Learning the "invisible reference plane" method to flatten panels, I could use this to analyse the geometry of each panel and set a threshold value ("Panel Distortion" parameter) that controls the visibility of either a rectangular or two triangular panels in the family.
    Attached sample files (Revit 2017.2) show that the panels begin to break up into triangles once a certain threshold of distortion is reached.
    Took me while to work this out but hope this can be of use for anyone on this forum.
    Attached Files

    I noticed I made a mistake in the panel family (dimension reference to an adaptive point instead of a reference line). Also, i have amended the sample file to show a surface that gradually changes from flat to twisted (previous sample was all twisted).
    The attached Revit2017.2 files should be ok now.
    Also attached is a screenshot from the project where I used this panel... works for me!
    Attached Files


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