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    Hide Webmember in Truss

    Is it possible to hide a web form a Truss I used visible parameter looks like does not work. :banghead:
    I think trusses are very special and different that other families I work a lot with structural framing almost everything is then possible. Is there a solution.
    What I try to make is a truss with option on and off.
    Jan-Willem Roelofs

    Revit 2014-2018 Win 7 pro
    CPU E5-1630 v3, 32GB, Quadro K2200

    right, creating visible parameters in truss won't populate to related webs/chords, looks like a bug to me or at least should be on wish-list FACTORY!
    workaround is to create "empty" framing (perhaps w/ only single line) and apply to webs in truss type properties, any better solution?


      The web line or the web element?
      Former: The web line can be set to a sub-category (of trusses)
      Latter: the web elements become structural framing elements in-themselves, so you need to be hunting those out to hide.

      /caveat : it has been a very very long time since I messed around with trusses.


        i don't see that the web line can be set to a sub-category (of trusses), i mean in truss family or in project, probably i missed something here?
        the web line visibility in truss family won't affect visibility of web element so using "empty" web element is a little bit easy than hunting those out to hide



          You can turn of the visibility of truss webs in a particular view using visibility/graphics.

          Go to visibility/Graphics for the view, expand the "Structural Framing" category, and look for the Web" subcategory. If you uncheck the subcategory, the Truss webs will not appear in your view.

          Does this accomplish what you need it do, or is there some other nuance of your question I'm not understanding?


          Click image for larger version

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            good solution, turn off web subcat in struc framing cat won't affect existing same struc framing as web! confused a bit at 1st as it's not under struc trusses cat, seems struc framing included pretty much everything under its subcats i.e. web, chord, girder, purlin, etc


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