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    System Type Colours

    I am in process of doing above ground drainage, I have created my sanitary pipework in standard colour green.
    I am now putting in my rainwater and have created a piping system duplicating sanitary, renaming it RWP I have then done my type properties and changed the graphics override to a different colour blue.
    I have also created filters with the same colour I require. I have then created my pipework and in properties and states system type is RWP
    but my RWP pipework will not change colour to blue it is staying green same as my sanitary pipework.
    I have gone wrong somewhere any ideas?

    I have created all my other pipework MCW, DHW etc and assigned different colours with solid fill and the all work ok.
    why cant I do with sanitary?

    The same does work with Sanitary systems. There must be something not quite right between the settings. Hard to diagnose without the file.

    Recommend assigning color in the Pipe System properties only. Assign the solid pattern without color with the filter.
    John Karben | IMEG Corp.


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