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    Can anyone give me a breakdown of what each method of linking does so that I can determine what is best for a project.

    Link as overlay, Link as Attachment, Bound Link

    Also any pros or cons or issues you have had with each would be great.

    On a related note if someone could answer these questions about binding links.

    When binding and you Attach detail does this work for keynotes so if we have keynotes in the link and then bind it to the main model will the keynotes populate a keynote schedule?

    If the bound link gets updated externally (in the original link) how do I manage that change in the main model? How about when it becomes a group after beeing bound, can I make it back into a link?

    Because binding makes links groups and groups can slow down models how is it best to manage these?
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    1. Links as Overlay- Simply means nested Links in that file will not show up in your file.

    2. Links as Attachments- Nested Links of the Linked File are not shown.

    its not a *pros and cons* sort of thing: They do entirely different things. Me personally, i never use Attachment. I hate it. If i want to see the Nested Links from a model, i will link them all in to my host file directly. Attachment Linking is... lazy, in my opinion.

    A bound Link is no longer a link, in any way, shape, or form. Once its bound, its just a grouped part of the model. I would not do that if you are ever planning on updating it again. In fact, i dont think i would do it ever, period, except for some rare "drasting repurposing" exercises.
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