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Link system type through drainage fitting with multiple connectors

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    Link system type through drainage fitting with multiple connectors

    I have created a bolted chamber below slab drainage fitting which has multiple inlet connections (3 or 5) but only one outlet which is the main drain run which goes onward to the next manhole. The family works fine other than it does not pass the drainage system name to the outlet. I think i could get one connector to do this by linking the inlet to the outlet, but i have multiple inlets which all discharge to the same outlet. Is there any way i can get the same system type on all parts of pipe connected to the fitting?


    Ok, two things that may help;

    If you want all the connectors to be the same system type, make sure they are all the same System Classification, then it should work.
    It may be a good idea to use Global (I sometimes use Hydronic Return for waste water as Dutch or Belgian standards are based on flow rate not WFU), just make sure the flow direction is correct.

    Because it is not a Fitting, The flow rate or WFU in the Out connector will not be automatically calculated. You will need to use a formula to total up all the incoming connections and then link that with the Out connector.
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