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Changing the line colour when you change the line type in line type Revit family

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    Changing the line colour when you change the line type in line type Revit family

    Hello All,

    Created a line type family ex, gas, water and etc. and my query:

    Is how to achieve different colurs to the line when you draw that in the model?

    This is what I tried to do: create different line for different services (ex. gas - green, Hot water - Red etc) and created the same properties with same name under the revit project, line types/styles. I can see these newly created line type names in the object styles. However, when i change or draw the family type to draw lines in the model it's just a line with some anno on that but no colur.

    FYI, I have some attached picture also:

    Thanks in advance.
    Attached Files

    Model tab >Lines> subcategory in Object Styles of the project.
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      Object Styles works for Lines, but I assume you are using a Line Based, Detail Item or Generic Annotation family to create the line with text?
      I have done something similar for drawing schematics in revit, and to get away from using stupid 'Lines' which contain no information and cannot be scheduled.
      The possible solutions are;

      a) Ask yourself WHY you need to show coloured lines on a black like Autocad... If you are going to print the drawing in black on white paper why not just make your life easy and draw them that way to start with.

      b) Use a filter that colours each Type of annotation family. You cant filter by Type Name directly so use Type Comments or something (Maybe the Text code in the line?) to filter and apply colours.

      c) ONLY use colours for different systems/line types and not a CAD standard that is meant for BW drawings. Draw these systems with Pipe Placeholders on a floor plan (And all the useful design stuff that comes with them..) and deliver your drawings in colour with a legend. Tag them with System Abbreviation if you want.
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        Hi elton williams

        Thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions. Sorry, that I should have mentioned why and what I was planning to achieve.

        My initial requirement was I have to create a different line types with changeable annotation that can be arrayed. This was initially raised because
        we are planning to document everything (including 2D) in Revit. Therefore, I have to create different line type family. What I have to do was creating various line types in the family and as williams said I have done this:

        Model tab >Lines> subcategory in Object Styles of the project

        Once again thank you for your valuable time and comments.


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