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Reporting Parameter Problem

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    Reporting Parameter Problem

    Hi guys.. I'm having a problem with those damn reporting parameters, and I would appreciate any help.
    So I'm creating a stepped footing family, and all I'm left to do now, is have a parameter that would show me the slope/angle of the steps. (To check if the angle complies with standards).
    And first, I've created an angular dimension, linked it to 2 reference lines, and I kept getting the error "A reporting parameter can be used in a formula only if its dimension references are all to host elements in family" . I'm not quite sure how to interpret this.. but I tried different ways to get the angle to work.. using reference planes as reference, model lines, using the lines in the footing itself, etc.

    So I said.. angle doesn't work.. I'll try the slope method, by dividing the height to the length. I made total step length and height as reporting parameters, and I gave it a try.. didn't work. They were referencing reference planes.. so I switch to reference lines, model lines, using the footing itself.. nothing works. I tried different kinds of combinations, but in the end, I could not manage to use any type of reporting parameter in any type of formula, or any type of situation, dimension, references, etc.

    I can upload the family. It is in RAC 2012 Format.

    Welcome to the forum.

    If you can achieve the same result by other methods, don't bother with reporting parameters. You said you did the total step length and height as reporting parameters, too? Why? Couldn't those be just length parameters and then you create a new parameter that is the result of some formula between those two values, to get the angle?

    Attached is an example of how to obtain a slope in 3 different formats, using the existing parameters:
    Attached Files
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      I found reporting parameters to be useful only in very specific situations:

      1. For instance, height and width of a custom curtain panel. This cannot be done with "normal" parameters because this dimensions are defined by the host (Curtain Wall) and not through parameters. Reporting parameters can do this cause they only "read" values and not set them
      2. Let's say you have a window divided in two parts with a frame between them. In the old days, you would have to do this:

      Width = total width of window. This could be a dimension in the family editor with parameter attached.
      Width_left = width of left part. This could be a dimension in the family editor with parameter attached.
      Width right = Width - Width left. This could NOT a dimension in the family editor with parameter attached, cause you would overconstrain the family. There is a workaround (width right = width - width left), but that is not always useable (when you need the clear glass width from a 4-piece window this formula would be: width - width glass1 - width glass2 - width glass3 - exterior frame thickness*2 - interior frame thickness*3). Hence the reporting parameter...

      For anything else: don't use it. Use one of alf's methods instead.
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        Wow.. Thanks a lot.
        I thought it had to be reporting parameter.. but it doesn't.
        I managed to get the slope I wanted. Thank you!


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