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Design Options - Annotation text issues

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    Design Options - Annotation text issues

    The project has three (3) design options and some of the options have annotation text that pertains to just one of the options. When I delete the text for an option, it deletes it for all three, which I do NOT want. How can I have the annotation be for just one option, and not show up on all of them? I feel as though it would be simple for revit to allow you to just have it on one option, but it looks as though it's an issue, for some reason.

    You make different views for different options.

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      Thank you!! this solved the issue


        IMO, that's the ONLY way to work with Design Options.
        You'l drive yourself nuts trying to swap out D.O.s in the same View.
        Just duplicate the View for each D.O. & set each View's Visibility to show only that option.
        Then you switch Views instead of trying to keep track of which DO you're working in .
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