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windowfamily backwards in legend

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    windowfamily backwards in legend


    I placed a few windows in the legend. I remarked that the most windows are placed with the frontside, but a few pieces are placed backwards. I can't remember if I ever flipped any windows.

    1. Does anyone know why some windows are placed backwards in the legend?
    2. How can I see if some windows are flipped?

    Kind regards,
    peter smith

    I don't use Revit legends, but try opening a representative family of each and see how it is built - my guess is that the ones that place correctly have the "front" on the placement side defined in the family.
    Julie Kidder
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    Hartman + Majewski Design Group


      All the windows are modelled with the front elevation at the front view.

      I placed these windows once again. The windows hang with the front elevation at the cursor. And placed with front elevation in the drawing.

      But in the legend a few models still placed backwards (with back side at front elevation).
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        Legends are rubbish. It would be better if they where simply floor plans that dont show in 3D or schedules..
        You cant even cut and paste them to other sheets...which should be their reason for existing.

        Try putting a Type Image in all your families, that looks exactly how you want it, and then show this in a schedule (With Description, Type Name etc. Even Count if relevant) on the sheet.
        I find this to be a much more 'BIM' solution, its information driven, changes to Types, or newly created types, are automatically updated and the legend only shows stuff that is actually in the project.
        This even works with a linked model if you want to create sheets in a separate file, so as long as different modellers create their families properly centrally creating legends for the project is almost completely automatic.

        (In this case all symbols but the Type Image can be anything you like)
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          I want to make an overview drawing of all the windows of my project. Which option(-s) do I have, if the legend isn't a good option?

          Another question:
          And how can I see if the placed models in the drawing are flipped? In autocad I can see it in the properties. But in revit I can't see it. What are the possibilities?


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