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Section Marks do not read titleblock shared paramater value

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    Section Marks do not read titleblock shared paramater value


    I created a shared parameter for titleblocks named "Drawing Number" to place in all sheets. I also add the same shared parameter for the labels in section marks; first changing its category to door tags, created the shared parameter there, then changed its category back to section mark(As section marks are system families and do not read shared parameters, I did this trick to show shared parameters in section mark I managed it this way.)

    Then in the .rvt file, I selected shared parameter and chose "views" and "sheets" in the project paramaters.

    Anyway, my problem is, I want these section marks read the shared parameter value(Drawing Number) in the sheets. Now it is showing question mark insted of the drawing number parameter that I create.

    I need to show both drawing and sheet number in the section marks. That’s why I don’t use drawing number as sheet number

    Could anyone please help?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Im sorry to tell you: What youre trying to do simply isnt going to work. Putting the same Shared Parameter in to two different categories (sheets, and view titles) wont "auto connect" their parameter values. If you want the view title to inherit the value of the Sheet, youre going to have to use another program or API solution or Dynamo, to make it happen... At which point you dont need the *trickery* of switching categories, which is doing nothing.

    Side note: Why are you replacing the default Sheet Number parameter?
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      Is this a case of needing to show the original sheet with the callout in addition to the sheet that it is on? If so there is the Refererncing Sheet parameter already built-in to the View Title families.
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