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    So has anyone tried this out with revit central files yet? would it even work??

    would love to hear what peoples thoughts are-
    William Fletcher
    IPD Engineering

    Theres no reason it wont work. Virtual Desktops are Virtual Desktops. Its just a matter of it you are paying Amazon for it, or buying or building your own.

    With amazon specifically, it will work (with central files) as long as the files paths dont change between users. Im not familiar with how their agreements work, in terms of having multiple people operating in the same "space." But, last time i looked, their solution wasnt exactly affordable, once you configured a "desktop" to actually have GPU power and decent specs for Revit. And then, youre paying them to host your files, and your data, and on and on.

    But its an affordable (read: not a lump sum cost) entry level way to get in to Virtual Desktops, im sure.
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