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Temporary Dimension tolerance settings?

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    Temporary Dimension tolerance settings?

    My very first Revit project is a residential home that has been worked on for 8 years.
    It is an absolute disaster! There is not a single dimension anywhere in the project that is a whole number.
    Height, Width, Length. X, Y, Z. Everything. I mean EVERYTHING has a fraction
    8'-8 13/256
    12'-4 23/64"
    on and on it goes. And its driving me to pop!

    Yes, AutoCAD dwgs were imported in. Those drawings themselves were set to a crud tolerance so its been bad from day one.
    How everything became so wrong? I have no idea. I mean why would anyone set a sill height to 2'-4 11/64"
    My guess is someone got mad at the boss, turned everything on, changed view to 3D and then scaled up the the drawing with a leisurely mouse click drag.

    Is that even possible? No idea.
    Can you shift into Park while driving 65mph on the highway? Yup.

    Is there any way to make the fractions go away in the temporary dimensions or better yet, calm them down to 1/8" or 1/4"
    I know, the information will be wrong. I don't care. I'm not allowed to care.
    The project should be expunged from the hard drive and started over but that's not in the budget.
    The project is being scaled back. That is what has been going on for years. Mostly just yanking out items but there is still some design work to do.

    There must be a way to alter the tolerance settings.
    It's not under Manage/additional settings/Temporary Dimension Properties
    Doesn't Revit have variables like AutoCAD?
    Where is the secret menu.

    Apologies if this topic has been answered already. Please direct me to the topic if it exists.


    You can adjust the rounding of the permanent Dimensions you place (even though its a bad idea) but you can't change the Temporary Dimensions.
    Those always go to 1/256". And for good reason. Faking the Temporary Dimensions id pretty much guaranteed to create an inaccurate model.

    Sorry for the bad news, but: Garbage In, Garbage Out.
    Somebody probably was working in AutoCAD and just dragged things into what looked like the right spot on the screen, but never bothered to dimension them accurately. (Let me guess, probably because "It was faster to do it that way")

    I will freely admit that many of us here on RFO have a bias against imported CAD, but only part of the reason is because of the conversion inaccuracies.
    My biggest reason for hating DWGs is that most DWGs are crap, because people used AutoCAD in a very sloppy manner. And it probably didn't matter in CAD, because you could just override the dimension.
    But it DOES matter in BIM.

    Edit: Oh, and if you want another thread about hwy its a bad idea, read here:

    Fair warning, though: Your ears will burn.
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    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

    CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.


      Hard to say.
      Happened long before I got there.
      The fact that everything is fouled in height as well suggests something deliberate.
      A door for example is not 2’-8” by 6’-8”. It’s got fractions attached. All of the families are fouled.

      I need a script to round all dimensions up. True it would still be wrong but it would be far less annoying.


        If you have the time, rebuilding the model could be a good way to complete your first project. Shouldnt be too hard seeing as you already have the families.
        There are no stupid questions, only stupid people


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