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Struggle to find Corresponding views

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    Struggle to find Corresponding views

    Hi All,

    I am relatively new to revit,

    I am currently modelling an existing lattice radio tower. I have created 21 levels where the beams are located, however these levels have not come up with their own plans, so I only have (level 1) out of the 21 floors. However the 21 levels can be selected between when I am placing a beam? How can I create these views?

    Also my imported members from families (L sections) are not mating together when they are connected lines in plan view. Any way to correct this?

    Please find attachments,

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Attached Files

    to get your floor plan views,
    On your View Tab, in the Create Panel, click on the Plan Views pulldown. Choose "Structural Plan."
    From there, you should see all the levels you created in your model. Choose all of the levels for which you want to have a separate floor plan. Now they will populate your Project Browser under Structural Plans and you'll be able to navigate to all of your levels.

    as far as the L-members not "mating," what is it that you wish to see?
    Leanne Zaras, CDT, LEED AP
    AutoCAD 2010 Certified Professional / Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Professional / Revit Structure 2015 Certified Professional
    ACAD2021, RST2014-2021 / Windows 10, 64-bit


      Thank you for your help Leanne,
      By mate I mean the ends connect with each other, when I draw the beams in plan view the lines are shown to connect. However when examining them in 3D (see attachment above) there is still a considerable gap. From what I have read from other people is that the problem may lie where I rotated the angle sections 180' and loaded them into project.


        I have sorted the problem! Thanks again for your help


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