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Separating wall cleanup issue

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    Separating wall cleanup issue

    Hi guys, I am a new Revit user having mainly used Sketchup for the past ten years.
    Anyway I purchased Revit LT recently and have been teaching myself the software using tutorials on Lynda.
    One thing I cant seem to find, either on the tutorials or google is the correct way to get some walls to 'clean up'.
    I am using Revit on a current live project in order to help me learn from the ground up. Its a small block of flats, the separating walls between flats are not allowed to span across the cavity. See attached pic, this shows how my walls are being cleaned up as they stand.

    I need them to clean as per this second pic, but I cannot figure out a way to do this at all. Any ideas to help a Revit noob please?

    Hi there!
    I would like to see structure of your wall.

    Neboysha NOVKOVICH,
    OOO NPP "TIS", Kharkov,
    Autodesk Community Member.


      Some options to consider:
      • Make the cavity element function 1 'structure' and make the blockwork walls a higher number or move them outside of the core
      • Don't make wall a single compound wall, make 3 separate walls consisting of only a single element

      Personally I go with the latter option every time, much simpler.


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