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    Curtain wall type

    Hi, I am beginner for modelling curtain wall...pardon me if the question is too simple/ stupid.
    How can I best model a curtain wall with 3 horizontal panels, top, and bottom panels are solid panels, middle panel is glass?
    I know I can tap to select the top and bottom panels to replace them with solid panels, but I have so many different segments of curtain wall length, it's not very productive to go inside and tap every single panel to replace them with solid panel...what is the correct way to do this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Is this arrangement a complete system used in many locations or is it an assembly that is part of a larger system?

    If the former then build one and create a Group. Then place copies of the Group. Any changes to the curtain wall assembly within the Group (editing the group) will be replicated in the other copies of the group.

    If the latter then it may be worth building a custom curtain wall panel that can be assigned to a larger overall curtain wall to host it.

    You can also select an entire row or column of panels to swap them for a different type: select a panel, right-click and choose from one of the Select Panels options. Same for mullions.
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      Thank you for the reply, I think mine will be the custom curtain wall, will try it out now.
      I didn't expect to get my 1st forum reply from you. Had been following Revit OpEd ...thanks again.


        Welcome to the forum. I didn’t notice it was your first post, sorry. I tend to focus on the question not the details of the person posting it. Glad you like the blog. Good luck!


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