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Cannot generate Duct Pressure Loss Report

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  • Yurimamero
    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you ended up resolving the issue. I have the same problem right now. I keep fixing the errors that pop up in my system but it just results in new issues. The only thing I want to do is to generate the pressure loss report.

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  • TFuller
    This could be a tad tough to diagnose over the interwebs, but one thing to examine very carefully is all your connector setups on air terminals, fittings, and equipment. Just one bad connector makes the system unhappy.

    Use the attached PDF as a guide. This solves the majority of my issues. Once you see System Inspector available, you've got it solved (that's my gauge).
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  • pure_general
    started a topic Cannot generate Duct Pressure Loss Report

    Cannot generate Duct Pressure Loss Report

    Hi guys, it seems that the duct system is having problem, and so I can't generate duct pressure loss report.

    There are several errors that I detected but I don't know how to solve them:

    1. static pressure of the system is NOT COMPUTED.
    2. elements are not connected in single physical network. (Can sb give me examples on what it means)
    3. no loss defined for duct fittings.
    4. System inspection icon box is not available when I select the whole duct system.

    I can't upload the file as the file size exceeds the upload limit. But could sb give me some inspirations on how to solve the problem.

    Duct sizing are all done, and pressure drop and flow rates of air terminals and ducts are properly displayed.

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