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    Revit Content Questions...

    I have Revit 2011 at home. I use Revit 2018 at work. Because I find the 3D modeling tools in Revit to be cumbersome (and because I've been building 3D models in AutoCAD for about 30 years), I'm used to "wrapping Acad models in Revit templates" to get them to at least show up in the Revit plan, elevation, and section views. Everybody at work typically downloads Revit families from various manufacturer websites... assuming they can find what they need.

    • I know I'm screwed when I try to download newer-version Revit families from manufacturer websites. They are almost always created in later Revit format .RFAs. Is there any way other than downloading DWG format files (when that option is available), and then "wrapping them in Revit templates" to get newer version .RFAs into my old Revit2011?

    • In Revit 2018 (at work) I just encountered some furniture families that someone on the project downloaded this week that Revit installs with all the different furniture material "layers" to the I-Furn layer. When I bring those into Lumion, I can't assign different materials to Wood, Chrome, Rubber etc...

    • Then I tried exporting the Revit model as an AutoCAD "Poly-face" DWG, and then tried modifying it. What a disaster... thousands of little facets to try to reassign to various AutoCAD layers!

    • Then I exported the Revit model as an AutoCAD "Solids" DWG... I was at least able to go into AutoCAD and change the "layers" of the various AutoCAD solids to furniture component layers... Wood, Chrome, Rubber, etc...

    • I'm aware of the Revit / Lumion link that exports the model as a .DAE file format. It seems to assign various Revit materials to various parts of the object, but I rarely agree with what the materials look like in Lumion. I almost always want to modify the look by assigning new material JPGs to the Lumion.

    I guess I don't really have a summary question here... Can anyone comment on the best way to bring Revit Content into Lumion so you can control and assign materials? (Thanks from an old AutoCAD using curmudgeon.)

    I can't speak to bringing models in to lumion, except for using the lumion exporter (which is what I recommend), but building content entirely out of DWG models will eventually come back to bite you.

    In many firms it's considered a 100% unacceptable way for content to be built. Slows down performance in a big way, causes instability and file crashing, and weird graphical problems, and on and on.

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      And other firms cry "fake news" when they're told that... cause they can't imagine another way... even though they're designers. SMDH
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        Looks to me you are doing all the wrong things there, downloading families from the web (unless you go over them and get rid of all the stuff manufacturers put into them and clean them up very well) and using imported dwg's. Pretty sure that most of your Lumion problems will be gone when you build your own content.
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          Thanks, guys... I've heard a little about problems coming up that people blame on using AutoCAD models in Revit. I guess I'd better check out some YouTube videos of people building models in Revit... just in case. I'll try to follow the rules for creating models at work... but I'll probably keep "wrapping up stuff in templates" for the projects I do at home. I haven't had any crashes yet... but then I've only done a handful of residential projects in Revit, and then I typically pull out AutoCAD drawing sheets so my AutoCAD-user clients can keep editing after I'm done with my part.

          I would appreciate hearing any more horror stories about what bad sometimes happens when you "wrap" AutoCAD models.


            Ask your IT staff (if that's not you) about getting a "Home Use license" for your . . . umm . . . home use.
            Depending on what type of licensing you've got at work, it may be possible to authorize another license for you, as long as that license will not be used at two locations at the same time.
            If you have products with multi-user access or a maintenance plan with a network license, you can request a home-use license for your software.

            You're really going to struggle with a lot of incompatibility using 2011.
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              Watch out for some of those furniture families. I got one that someone wanted me to fix as it was almost a gig when placed in a family. Turned out it was modeled in Inventor, and everything was modeled, all the way to the support mesh in the seat cushions. I had to go in Inventor and get rid of everything, even bolts and screws. Final file size was 200m. I wasn't happy having a dwg in a model, but the architects were. <shrug>
              Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


                If it's quirky Revit families that you're having to model, have you thought of doing modelling them in FormIt which has a lot more intuitive modelling tools [push/pull] and then you can import the product into a Revit family as a mass and continue ?

                It's free as long as you use it on the web [and you can save locally].

                FormIt is an architectural modeling software for BIM-based 3D sketching, FormIt also is an intuitive 3D sketching tool for the conceptual design phase.
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