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Revit Certification Exam - Mechanical 2017

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    Revit Certification Exam - Mechanical 2017

    Hi All,
    I recently done the Revit Mechanical 2017 Exam and missed out by 3% to pass. The frustrating part is they only give you a result by the exam objectives. Mine read as follows:

    Collaboration 100%
    Documentation 80%
    Elements 50%
    Modelling 65%
    Views 40%

    I managed to answer all 35 questions and was able to note/remember each question when I returned home. My issue is I'm struggling to find which ones I got right and more specifically which ones I got wrong.
    For example on Views I got 40% which my thinking is 2/5 correct.

    Question 1 - Apply Electrical View Template to a View......What is the Graphic Display for Lighting and Sun on the Electrical View Template ?
    My answer is as below - 80

    Question 2 - Create a new Callout.....what is the scale of the Callout ?

    My answer similar to below...

    Question 3
    Import a CAD detail. What is the Text of a piece of text ?

    I first created a new drafting view, imported my CAD detail, highlighted the detail and hit explode.....highlighted the specific text and went to its type properties (similar to below's image.) answer is either Opaque or transparent

    Question 4
    What is the invert elevation of a certain pipe ?
    I loaded in the annotation Tag 'Invert Elevation Pipe Tag' and annotated the pipe in question similar to below ? NOTE - my answer was 1019 and not ELEV:-1019

    Question 5
    ABB Tag - Add velocity to the Systems Abbreviation Tag....What was the values on a certain duct branch ?

    Here I tagged a duct , highlighted the tag and hit 'Edit family', Edited the label to include 'Velocity' and reloaded back into the project.
    Answer was something similar to below

    If someone could direct me where I'm going wrong I would be very grateful because I thought I was doing it correctly.

    Thanks very much


    First off I would say tread carefully because you agreed to a non-disclosure of the exam content.
    Secondly, its hard to say where you went wrong, also consider that they give you a bunch of files to open which may not be the same answer as what you have got in another file if you've just created a blank project.
    I found the MEP exam to be way more tricky than all the other disciplines, so 3% isnt much, try again and be very careful with your answers....3% is 1 question.


      where did you do the course?


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