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How Can i Avoid Unwanted Segments in Free Form Massing Surface

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    How Can i Avoid Unwanted Segments in Free Form Massing Surface

    Hi all,
    I am creating a free form mass Surface.
    I need to create a single piece wall on that massing surface.

    But, when i am creating form, it is creating unwanted segments automatically. and as result i can't create single wall by face so, need to create walls by face as segments which is not what my boss wants.

    can anyone please help me about how can i avoid such unnecessary segments while creating this type of surfaces?

    The Image of my surface is attached below.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Dharmil Ranpariya
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    One year after, one reply, yes, but better late than never:

    See illustration.
    • Image 1: in an generic model adaptive template, in plan view, locate five reference points hosted at the reference level, forming a triangle. Then draw (represented in red color) two splines of 3 points, and draw (represented in blue color), with 3d snapping activated, one reference line.
    • Image 2: in an elevation view, create 2 reference planes, such as "mid" and "top". Optionally, you can control the location of these two reference planes by parameters. Then select points and change their host to the corresponding host reference plane.
    • Image 3: select the two splines and the reference line, and do Create Form. The shape will be created smoothly without those unwanted edges.
    • Image 4: load into project and use Wall by face.
    • For parametric variations of the shape, you could change the location of the "mid" and "top" reference planes.
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