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My new threads are not showing up

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    My new threads are not showing up

    I have made to new threads to the Architecture and General Revit Question forums and they have not shown up on the forum. One was yesterday, and I checked the forum today and it was not there.

    So I re-posted and it also is not there. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.


    What was the post about?
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      It was about having troubles keeping the properties and project panels in place. I finally got it worked out.

      Thanks for your reply.


        For future reference:
        A new member's first five posts must be approved by a Moderator.
        This helps us eliminate spam and phishing posts. Ever notice you don't see those on RFO? That's because we delete them before most people ever see them.
        Unfortunately, this means that a new member may not see their first few posts immediately.
        We try to keep on top of things as much as we can, but we do have, you know, jobs and stuff like that, so sometimes it takes a few hours.
        New members: have patience. We'll get there!
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