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Revit MEP and telecommunication systems

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    Revit MEP and telecommunication systems

    I am a telecommunication engineer. I have fifteen years of experience with AutoCAD and now I am learning Revit MEP. My first impression is that Revit MEP is very good for designing HVAC and plumbing, not so good for electrical installation and very bad for telecommunication systems (structural cabling, CCTV, access control systems, fire alarm systems, voice evacuation systems, TV signal distribution systems etc.). Are there any reasonable telecom families available for download or buy? Are there any third-party applications that would automatize tedious activities like logical (structured cabling) socket numbering and allowing renumbering, adding sockets, creating groups etc.? Is investment is Revit MEP a good idea for a person who designs telecom installations?

    As far as buying items or getting them from vendors i would recomend against that

    1. there shared parametes and your shared prameters will not match and they will not be able to be scheduled

    2. there families might not do exactly what u want them to do so then u spent money for something that does not work for you.

    (most mechanical firms never use vender supplied content for the 2 reasons i mentioned above)

    Spend your money on training to be able to fully understand the software and what makes it tick. This will hold more value than any content you can buy


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