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Void Extrusion Cut - Remaining Objects

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    Void Extrusion Cut - Remaining Objects

    I'm working on a residential remodel project and needed to cut these walls for an existing rear addition. I'll write out all the instructions for the newbies like me...I used the COMPONENT, MASS IN PLACE, selected WALLS as family category, gave it a name, selected VOID FORMS, VOID EXTRUSION, drew the triangle area I wanted cut out of all the rear additional walls, assigned a depth to span the entire home, completed the void form, used the CUT tool, selected all the wall I wanted to cut, then the void extrusion I just made to cut that wall. I repeated this for all the rear addition walls.

    How do I get the remaining triangle pieces of the walls to hide in all views? Is there a better way to accomplish what I described above for a triangular area so everything is already hidden like using a SHAFT opening? I was really hoping that I could have used the ARCH->OPENING->WALL tool to accomplish this but I've only had luck working on one wall at a time and it also only seems to create rectangle areas. I've read several forums and one of the suggested items is to create a new PHASE and order it before the EXISTING PHASE that everything is currently drawn in and just change the PHASE filter for each view. Any thoughts?

    After probably 2-3 hours trying to learn how to cut the walls into a trapezoid shape, finally found a 90 second video that I finally understood. Link attached for those struggling like me.

    I work in residential architectural and I'm very new to Revit. I've been told by some that Revit is the greatest thing ever and others have told me its not worth the effort for single-family residential projects. I'm seeing this both ways, there is a lot of work up front but the reward toward the end seems worth the effort. I'm sure that I'll get better at very simple things like this down the line, for the time being hours to learn how to cut walls, and even more hours on end learning to building special window families for our old historical projects, is about to drive me nuts!

    Thanks for the all the help!
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    Assuming that is a roof (or floor) you can just attach the walls to the roof.
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      Originally posted by cellophane View Post
      Assuming that is a roof (or floor) you can just attach the walls to the roof.
      Yes you are correct it is being attached to the roof. Unfortunately I can’t do an attach as I get an error. I as it’s because the same walk is under the shed roof and gable roof and the roofs overlap each other.

      Back to the original question I did find the edit wall profile button which really helped so I don’t have any remaining pieces from the void extrusion.

      For future reference is there a way to hide a piece of the model in all views?


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