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Revit 2018 diameter symbol not showing

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    Revit 2018 diameter symbol not showing

    Hi all,

    after the update of Revit, diameter symbols are not showing. In mechanical setup I can clearly see the diameter sign, but when I use it inside drawings I get some strange symbol. Please see pictures for further details.

    Best regards, Branimir.

    Looks like a font that does not have the diameter symbol, did you try another font?
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      Try Edit the Tag family. Add dia (Ø) symbol in either suffix or prefix.

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        Just tested this in R2018 and its working fine for me (With Arial)
        However, the 'Size Prefix' only works with the 'Size' parameter. For Diameter you have to put the prefix in the tag as shown above.

        ø = Alt + 155 :thumbsup:

        (The incredible things you learn to remember using revit...)
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