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Leader line to insertion point of family

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  • Chefan
    started a topic Leader line to insertion point of family

    Leader line to insertion point of family

    I´m making a Fire protection template for a client and in my families I have different subcategories to display the families differently on each drawing type. I have a 3D-symbol for the placing i 3D, I have a 2D-symbol to make it easier to work when placing stuff in a 2D view and I have a small circle that is set to 10P to make it plot as a dot. The circle is placed at the insertion point because I want the leader line of the tag to go to that point.

    When I tag it with all subcategories lit it will look fine.

    But if I want to print it only with the "Dot" lit in the main family (For printing to pdf etc.), the leader line cuts at the border of the family although that subcategory i turned off.

    This makes it look a bit weird to clients that does not know the reason for this and that makes me a bit sad.

    Is there anyway of fixing so that the leader line is going all the way to the insertion point when the subcategories (2D and 3D) is turned off in V/G or will it always cut at the border of the "whole" family?

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