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Issues in relocating the Level & Rectify the Height

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    Issues in relocating the Level & Rectify the Height

    As attached, I have set my ground level at 0.0 and the height is 4m.
    If i would like to change my ground level to a certain level , for instance to + 103.645 and the Height to 4.4m, is there any possible way and Will there be any error to my connections @ Roof members?

    I tried to change the dimension of the Height to 4.4m and then there's a warning comes out "Beam or Brace is slightly off axis and may cause inaccuracies.".

    Please kindly help me solve this problem.
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    You should use Shared Coordinates for this.

    In a elevation view > Manage > Coordinates > Specify Coordinates at at point > Click the ground level, and enter 103.645

    Now you have a shared coordinate elevation at 103.645, but your project elevation is still 0,0

    You might need to edit your spot elevation types to show the shared coordinates - Select a spot elevation, edit type and in the Text field, find "Elevation Origin" and change that to "Shared" (Creating a duplicate Type might be better)
    Same thing with your Levels, edit type, and change the "Elevation Base" to "Shared"
    Klaus Munkholm
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