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Revit Type catalog Problem for families of same type

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    Revit Type catalog Problem for families of same type

    this is my first Post here so bare with me and this is hard to explain,

    well basically I have a type catalog for a family with 100 different types, ranging in size ect, and when i import the type catalog into my project and only select 1 Family type then I place 10 of the ''same family type'' into my project, and go to ''edit type'' in Properties tab, then I change for example the ceiling suspension on that one family, what immediatly happens is all of the 10 Families ''which are the same type'' change, which is logical

    but I dont want that, has anyone got some Tips for me? I would like that every family is independent for such things even if they are the same

    but the solution eludes me..

    If you need unique values for a family the parameters you are changing need to be instance and not type parameters.

    A few questions that will help with a solution beyond that:
    What is the family you are trying to change?
    Why are you not just using the other types?
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