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Wall Joining troubles

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    Wall Joining troubles

    Hi yall, new poster and a recent convert of the Revit persuasion..

    I am using REVIT ARCH 2012

    So i was experimenting with wall creation and exploring different kinds of command.
    I rotated (with copy) a horizontal wall and created another wall at an angle. (see pic)

    Now how would i join these two walls so that it would display a clean miter joint ?
    (bonus question: if i do get the miter joint, can i hide/unhide the joint line as shown in pic below)

    Thank you for your help!
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    It´s supposed to clean up / miter without any hassles. If not, you can use the "Wall Joins" tool (See attached)

    Don´t believe that it´s possible to show the "miter" line - It´s not a VG setting and Linework tool don´t work, so all there´s left is to manually draw a line.
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      I can have the join to stay using the option "don't clean join".
      It stays only in the view, in my view range setting, wall is cut. you can't have this line in 3d or from the level above.
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        I have observed an anomaly about that in the past and now ai want to ask (RAC2012). The View Instance parameter "Wall Join Display" is accesible only if the view is in Coarse mode. Anyway you go in the Coarse mode and you choose the second option "Clean same type wall joins". Then you go on Fine mode again and your seted obtion is reseted with the first option "Clean all wall joins". Where is the logic here? And why just the coarse mode let you choose? And why there isn`t a option like "Don`t clean all wall joins". I don`t need it but for prefab people maybe it`s good?


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