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Creating a 45 mitred tap help?

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    Creating a 45 mitred tap help?

    Hi all,
    I realize that Revit doesn't really offer a tap that will come off the main at anything other than 90 degrees. So, I was attempting to "fake" a tap in by reworking the standard "Rectangular Takeoff.rfa" I created some reference planes on a 45 degree plane and locked them in with parameters and formulas. This seems to work until I try tying into the host main. I am very new to this, but I thought maybe I could essentially create a tap elbow with the first throat be about 1/8" long. When I try to tap into the main, it gives me a network error. Can anyone take a look at this and let me know where I am going wrong. I am guessing it is with the projected takeoff length, but I have no idea.

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    You should just be able to use Tap-Adjustable or Spud-Adjustable fitting types to make angled tap connections with no problems...

    Make the tap straight in the family and then it attaches at an angle in the project, not angled in the family as you have done.
    The projection length is to extend the family extrusion into the duct so you dont see a gap when it is rotated.
    (Use one from the standard revit families to see how it works).

    Also with any Fitting family, it is very important that the 2 reference planes with "Defines Origin" cross at the point where the attached ducts will intersect. In this case that should be the centre line and end of the tap extrusion, not the side as you have made it. Revit uses this point to align the ducts before creating the fitting.
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