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    2d dwg architectural s

    I was curious how do you display a 2d cad file as a and not have it obscured by my floors in 2012

    If I link the file "current view only" I have option of either "" or "foreground", but if I set to it is hidden by the floor. If it's in the foreground it is draw on top of my modeled elements.

    If I link the file in not current view. Then I have to option of setting an offset value for dwg file, but run into the same problem where it get obscured by the floor, or gets drawn over the top of the elements.

    The reason I ask is that we are going to leave the s on for our printed set this time, where we usually turn them off so this isn't an issue. Thanks

    Any thoughts.

    You could:

    1. use wireframe view

    2. move the cad file up very slightly in an elev or section view
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      The problem with a wireframe view is that hidden elements (walls, ftgs..ect) don't get shown correctly. So I would like to keep it in the hidden lines mode.


        Perhaps create a view that ONLY shows the DWGs, and place that on the sheet after the model view that has the DWGs turned off? Ugly kludge I know, but sometimes that's all we have.

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          set your floor to transparent?
          (not sure, really. just guessing. I haven't had to link a 2D CAD drawing for final documentation. But I have had PLENTY of times where an architectural floor, not set to transparent, has caused all my structural elements to be missing/hidden)
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