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Set Title Block Schedule To Ignore Sequence Numbers?

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  • asintoras
    I wouldn't eliminate the sequence on a revision! You can shorten the extent of the revisions appearing on your Titleblock, and that would eliminate the right side of the revisions' schedule. You would have to edit the Titleblock family, making it shorter (up to 10 revisions shown), and it should fix your problem.
    When editing your Titleblock family, go to the area where your revision schedule is located (hover the mouse on top of it and it should appear as a blue highlight). Click on it and change the extent by moving the blue dot.

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  • chanlon
    started a topic Set Title Block Schedule To Ignore Sequence Numbers?

    Set Title Block Schedule To Ignore Sequence Numbers?

    My office and myself are relatively new to Revit. We're having some title block issues where the revisions that appear on sheets are all disjointed and displaying in a manner which we don't want (Image 1, below). I understand this is due to Revit reading the revision from the sequencing, where revisions 1-10 appear in the left column, and revisions 11-20 appear in the right column.

    because of how Revit reads the sequencing numbers we have sheets which have been created later in the project with their revisions being later sequence numbers appearing in only the right hand columns (Image 2, below).

    In addition to these issues, for some reason the right hand column is justify text to the centre, even though in schedule settings it is meant to be aligned to the left - but that's a minor issue compared to the other problems.

    Is there a way to completely remove or ignore the sequencing numbers and have the revision schedule read only the revision number (A, B, C, etc) on each sheet?

    Within the calculated parameters of the schedules we have the if(Revision Sequence <11, Revision Number, "") etc, and in the second set of schedule columns we have if(Revision Sequence > 10, Revision Number, " REV") etc. but these don't really solve our issues, it's actually the cause of them (I guess?).

    I'm still working to fully understand how parameters and schedules work most effectively together.

    Any advice would be great.

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